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Frequently asked questions

Do you take requests?

Yes - If we know them! The only reason we don't just 'jam' everything that people ask is that we like to keep a level of professionalism to the evening.

What time will you play from and till?

We are usually booked from 8-12 but we are very flexible, just ask.

How long do you take to set up?

We need an hour from getting access to the room, but we'll always try and better our time from the week before. It's a little competition we have going!

How much space do you need?

You'd be surprised how little space we need. In all our gigging years we've never had a problem setting up. We liaise directly with the venue on the evening or before, so we'll be ready for any tight squeezes.

Will you learn our 1st dance?

Of course we will!

Can we choose the songs?

You can certainly let us know if there is anything you like or dislike. We're pretty good at judging a crowd, so we like to think you'd be happy with the set we do. If you want recent set lists or want to chat about songs, then simply drop me a mail.

Are you available on my date?

Maybe! Why not have a look just now and get an instant price and date check right here on the site.

If you're not available who would you suggest?

Hopefully we will be, but if not we would be confident to suggest any of the bands below:

Sneaky Treacle, The Jack Dames, Replay, Groove Culture, Papa Shandy and The Drams, Circus, Elwood, The Ultimates, Strange Bru, Grand Central, - you can find them all at

What will you wear?

We dress very smart with an element of casual. That way we feel free and look cool.

Can we book you directly?

Like pretty much every busy and successful band in the country we've appointed Hireaband, Scotland's biggest agency, to do all the boring admin, marketing and paperwork. That lets us get on with learning new songs, coming up with new ideas and filling dance floors. Don't worry though, it won't cost you a penny more. Hireaband charges exactly what we tell them to charge so you're no worse off and we don't have to worry about the housekeeping.

Do you perform at showcases?

Yes we do! All the details will be posted on our website and also the hireaband site.

If things run behind schedule will the band play later?

We're booked from a contracted time and we'll be at your venue over an hour before we're to start. If your day runs late, we'll get set up as quickly as possible though. If you specifically want a late finish or early start, just let us know and we'll tailor a quote for you.

Do you have a live ceilidh?

Glad you asked! Yes we do. Just mention you require this and we'll check the availability of our accordionist.

How long is the ceilidh?

The ceilidh runs for 30 minutes and it's up to you when you'd like it to take place. Before the buffet is the most common time, but again, it's up to you.

How much is the ceilidh?

When you contact our manager for a free no obligation quote, mention the live ceilidh and the quote will be tailored your way.

Can you guarantee that you will create a great atmosphere?

Guarantee? As in you could sue us if it's not the biggest, brightest, funkiest most happening thing ever... Yes. Yes we can!

I would love my dance floor to be packed all night. What's the chances?

We have recently been responsible for breaking a number of dance floors .. There is now a list of venues around Scotland that have been 'Noired' and have had to seek delicate open floor surgery to repair them from jig-tastic funk-fest we've brought.

Can you play our first dance song live?

Yes we can! We'll try and play anything and everything as well as possible. In the instance that your special song is a piece of classical, or a 90s techno anthem then we may stream it through Spotify, but for the most we can play them.

At the end of the night what are the chances of you playing one more song?

The chant of 'One more song' usually gets met with a chant from us of 'No Dan-ger'... joking aside, we've played loads of gigs where it would be great to carry on, but most venues have curfews and we do respect those guidelines.

Can we get up and sing with you?

Yes, we love that. Just let us know if you'd like a chant and we'll get a mic sorted for you.

Can we choose the set list?

Not all of it, but you can certainly influence it. As stated above, we pride ourselves on our ability to read and react to an evening, so we'll hopefully be able to guide you with grace through it.

Will you require refreshments?

Not really. One of the gang will grab some water for us all at the start and that's about all we need. You may see us close to your buffet at some point. But we'll not eat it all!

Do you charge travel fees if the venue is out with your location?

We generally travel about an hours distance before we even contemplate charging travel fees. If your venue is a little outside our boundary, then drop us a mail and we'll let you know exactly.

What happens if a band member is sick?

Sick? Then he's told to suck it up, don't miss a beat and charge on like the professional he is. Seriously though, in the extremely rare occasion that someone falls ill and cannot play, then we'd replace them with on of our collection of friends and professional musicians - this is extremely rare though.