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Classic Noir - Not All Wedding Bands Are The Same

So you're looking for live music for your wedding, function or corporate event.  But you don't want just any old band do you?

You want a band that will make you look good to your friends, family or staff.

You want a band that can play at a level of musicianship you're used to seeing on the telly.

You want a band that takes the songs you know and love dancing to up to another level.

You want a band so ridiculously funky that no one will be able to sit still and you probably want a band that looks kinda cool but are fun and friendly.

Guess What? You've found them!

Now, we're not ones for blowing our own trumpets, but you do have a decision to make and we want you to be confident that when you book Classic Noir all your potential party problems, wedding woes and function feck up's just won't happen.  We've been around for a while and have a lot of very successful events under our collective belts. Have a look at our recent reviews for instance and you'll see that we're pretty damn good at making sure everyone, not just the cool kids or the Sinatra loving seniors, have a great time.

We play at around 100 shows every year and we're always polishing our performances, adding new songs, coming up with surprises and generally having a ball. We're 100% live - no backing tracks, and we love to get our groove on. If you fancy a birl round the dance floor then talk to us about adding our world class accordionist to the line up giving you in effect two bands in one - it's a little more expensive but totally worth it if your Gordon's are Gay and your Willows need stripping.

We've played in pretty much every popular venue in Scotland and are recommended by many as their first choice.  We're easy to work with, don't take ourselves too seriously, are 100% reliable and realise that you have a lot of choice when it comes to a band for your wedding or event. So if you're interested in finding out if we're available and how much we charge just click the instant quote button at the top right hand side of this page.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our little bit of the interweb - we'd love to be the band you book and we guarantee you won't be disappointed. Go on .., get a quote, you know you want to :-)

Remember, you can get an instant quote and even find out if we're available by clicking the link on this page.  If we're not available then we always recommend people to get in touch with our friends at Hireaband - The Scottish Entertainment Agency behind some of the very best Wedding Bands in Scotland.